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A rather long-winded response

A response to a question I received on Tumblr, which was “Isn’t there an argument that advertising is a higher form of art?”

This is a very interesting question! In order to answer it properly, I have to draw on my background as a former art student and my current interest in philosophy and political economy. Having taken three semesters of art history but no formal aesthetics or media studies classes, I must piece together an answer from my basic familiarity with contemporary art and understanding of postmodernism and critical theory. Let me say from the outset that both “high” and “low” art have a lot to tell us about society. Continue reading


Open Ended: A Broader Dialectic Emerges

Richard Serra said that to him, sculpture means “…a life-time involvement.”1 He remains singularly committed to that involvement, working directly in the fabrication of his works. Seeking to establish a new perception for the viewer rather than represent an idea, Serra’s goal for many years has been to establish a space that an individual can experience. At first glance, however, his works seem almost too rough and intimidating to be engaged with properly. His ability as an artist, at least in some capacity, has been measured by his ability to overcome this apparent contradiction. In two of his recent works, he has achieved this by synthesizing the two considerations. Richard Serra’s construction of space in Blind Spot and Open Ended establishes a dialectic between the direct experience of the work imposing itself on the space of the viewer and the participatory experience of the viewer entering the work’s created space. This dialectic represents a masterful fulfillment of the smaller-scale considerations of Serra’s more recent works. Continue reading